Welcome to SyStconnect!

Vereinigung der Systemischen StrukturaufstellerInnen

Welcome to SyStconnect!

Systemic Structural Constellations® (SySt®) is a methodology developed by Insa Sparrer and Matthias Varga of Kibéd, which is used in counseling, coaching, mediation, supervision, therapy and leadership. SyStconnect is the international association of those who work with Systemic Structural Constellations®.

Are you looking for the right structure manager for your topic? We support you. On our quality list you will find professional suppliers.

Are you a structure builder and want to be published on our quality list? With SyStconnect we offer you an international network of structural designers and effective quality assurance criteria.

Want to know what SyStconnect is? SyStconnect is the union of systemic structural designers of all countries.

Do you want information about systemic structure issues? We give you a brief overview of this modern intervention system, which allows you to go completely new ways.

Strukturaufstellung® is a registered trademark, SySt® is a trademark of the SySt-Institut München.

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